the ministry of Jonathan Derrick Mathe

the ministry of Jonathan Derrick Mathe

the ministry of Jonathan Derrick Mathethe ministry of Jonathan Derrick Mathethe ministry of Jonathan Derrick Mathe

Itinerant Minister, Equipper, Conference Speaker, & Author


When Revival, Awakening & Reformation Converge

Pursuing the New Wineskin to Equip the Church 

to Enter Into the Fullness of Jesus Christ

So. Cal Inland Empire network of warriors/churches who realize the necessity of a prayer foundation.
The Church Must Be the Spiritual Elders at Our City Gates

Apostolic Intercessory Prayer Network

... a  So. Cal Inland Empire network of prayer warriors & churches who realize the necessity of a solid foundation of concerted, strategic, prophetic prayer & intercession to usher in and uphold the move of God in our churches, cities, region, nation, & world.


WE WILL BE PRAYING!  -  Due to the current situation, we will be having our regional prayer meetings online via computer, tablet, or phone. We will be using the ZOOM website application, where you can either click on the email link which we will send you to join the meeting or you may call the phone number for audio participation only. The link will be emailed to each invitee the day of the scheduled meeting or you may click on this button at the time of meeting. So, if we do not have your email address, please let us know on our contact page so that we may email you a link or the appropriate phone number.

Regional Prayer Meetings Calendar

All Believers, All Churches Welcome!

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March 16-24th

Brazil Healing Conference Meetings

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event Details

March 16-24th

Brazil Healing Conference Meetings

Healing seminars/schools and outreach all week in several churches about 3-4 hours outside of Rio with Global Awakening.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prayer That Moves Mountains Prayer Seminar Trailer

So You Want Revival? Can You Plow? Preview to Prayer Seminar

What is a Spirit & Truth School?

A  Spirit & Truth School is a day-long, weekend-long, or a series  of single sessions seminar held in a local church or regional gathering in order to introduce and/or strengthen strategies that train, equip, & empower leaders & everyday believers to confidently & effectively do the work of the ministry. 

Our Mandate...


Spirit & Truth Equipping Seminars


Prayer That Moves Mountains - How to Pray Powerfully & Effectively The First Step to Partnering With God for Revival

 Vision Statement:

 "To establish and/or strengthen formidable, exciting, and effective prayer groups in their respective churches/homes throughout the respective area. As these take root to bless and under-gird their respective local fellowships, we would endeavor to periodically bring these groups or individuals together for a city/regional prayer gathering in order  to  "pray-out" regional or national needs and issues as directed by the Lord." 

The ultimate goal of this seminar will be to help establish a vibrant and effective prayer ministry/movement in each respective church that is in attendance at the seminar; resulting in prayer that will be exciting, purposeful, and have measurable results. This seminar focuses on the role of corporate prayer in God's eternal purpose for us, and  examines the pitfalls and misconceptions that we have had, or have picked-up, in our respective church cultures.  We will discuss the reasons behind why most Christians find it difficult to have a vibrant and effective  personal prayer life, and why it is so difficult to get most believers  to come consistently to church prayer meetings. Additionally, we will  look at keys in the Scriptures that the Lord has given to us  that will allow us to lay a foundation that will excite and empower us to enter into powerful and uplifting times of prayer. In these  foundational  truths we will discover: 


  1. Mentality - What We Think About God
  2. Identity - Who We Are In God
  3. Necessity - Why Prayer Is Needed
  4. Delivery -  How We Do It Effectively (Corporately)

  • Our identity and authority in prayer.
  • What prayers God will, and will not answer.
  • What God expects from us in prayer.
  • The biblical keys to getting your prayers answered.
  • How every church and believer can have a faith-filled, results-oriented prayer foundation.  

Throughout history, every move of God upon the earth has been preceded by the   specific prayers of His people. There have always been those who knew what the Lord was about to do before He did it. Learn from someone who has experienced and led prayer that turned into an outpouring of God, and how you can become an integral part of the Lord beginning to move in a greater measure in your own midst. 


The Holy Spirit: A Promise or A Problem? - Addressing the Objections That Hinder God From Moving in Your Life & Church

This seminar is designed to help steer the people of God into seeing the biblical necessity of becoming more open to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Without  a doubt, the most powerful miracle on the planet is when Salvation comes to a person, transforming him into a "new creation" in Christ. 

But  subsequently, have you received "the Promise of the Father" that Jesus  promised to His first Disciples?  Not "the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee" (2 Cor. 1:22), but the "you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you." (Acts 1:8)?

If not… why?  Are the  terms, "Spirit-filled" and "Spirit-led", just rhetorical terms in your  Christian vernacular, or is there an actual manifestation of it in your life that you can point to for proof of His power here on earth through you?

It  is amazing that within a few short years, 120 of Jesus' first followers  spread the Kingdom of God throughout the ancient world without the use  of modern transportation and communication systems.  Why were they so  effective at invading so many pagan cultures with the Good News, and  today, Christianity in the West is on the decline in numbers,  reputation, and in influence?

This seminar squarely addresses  what is arguably the greatest deficiency in the Western Church - the  Holy Spirit empowering of the Church in order to advance the Kingdom of  God.  The Baptism of The Holy Spirit (B.O.T.H.S.) is one of the most  controversial and misunderstood aspects of Christianity.  Because of  this, it is as if the majority of believers just get in through the  front door of The Kingdom (Salvation) and then spend most of their lives  lingering by that door, instead of exploring the depths and riches of  His Kingdom as well as advancing it into the world.  It is perfectly  understandable and strategic as to why Satan has done everything in his  power to keep God's people in fear and confusion about this topic,  because it is the key to his works being destroyed here on Earth.  It is  impossible to accurately re-present Jesus and His works without this  glorious empowerment… He even said so.

In this seminar we will  explore the Scriptures regarding all aspects of the "infilling of the  Spirit".  These truths will not be taught from just a theoretical  point-of-view, but from a teacher with an experienced, working knowledge  of the truths therein.  The goal of this seminar will be, upon its  conclusion, to activate any and all believers into this life-changing  encounter with the Lord.  And for those that are not ready, to have all  theological barriers removed so that they may meditate on these things  with the Lord, and receive it when they are ready to believe and  receive. Because this seminar is intended to "break the ice" regarding the issues surrounding the Holy Spirit, one entire session will be given to a Q&A session so that the attendees may have the opportunity to ask the tough questions that are stopping them from moving forward in a life in the Spirit.

The truths in this seminar will radically change your walk  with the Lord… are you ready?  The King and The Kingdom are awaiting! 


Power From On High - Receiving & Imparting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit & How to Flow With the Holy Spirit

If you were a super hero, what powers would you like to have?  
God  wants you to be a super hero of the faith!  And He has special powers (gifts) that He has ordained for you to have in order to destroy the  works of evil and to glorify Him here on the Earth. Do you know what  those gifts are? If God is expecting a return on his invested talents  that He put into you, don't you think it would be wise to know how to  properly and effectively use them, let alone to know what they are?

Pastors...   Ephesians 4:11-16 tells us that we are responsible for equipping the  saints for the work of the ministry... to the measure of the stature of  the fullness of Christ... in order to edify the entire Body.  As we all  will have to give an account to our wonderful Master, how are you  doing?  Are the precious people that the Lord has entrusted to your care  able to minster His life and power to others without you?  
This  seminar will cover the theology of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, how to receive it for oneself, and how to minister it to others.
Because there is so much misunderstanding and fear  in the Church regarding the gift and use of tongues, there will be an extensive teaching on this gift.

Did you know that in the Old  Testament God gave a revelation to one of His prophets about the  importance of flowing with the Holy Spirit in reaching people?  In this  seminar, you will not only learn how to know what your gifts are and receive them, but you will learn how to better flow with the moving of  the Spirit of God in the work that He has for you to do.  This is where  following Jesus gets really fun!


Fear No Evil - Demons, Curses, & Biblical Deliverance

 The  goal of this seminar is remove the fear and apprehension that most  believers have in regards to dealing with the Kingdom of Darkness.  If  we are called to be followers of Jesus Christ, advancing His Kingdom,  then evil spirits will not leave us alone and unchecked, regardless of  how much we try to avoid them and not stir them up.  Because it is their  nature to steal, kill, and destroy, ignorance is not a defense!
This  seminar will cover all aspects of demonology and deliverance.  Because  of the nature of the topic, it is very important that there is a  thorough biblical teaching of the basics:  

  • What is a demon?
  • To what extent are Christians to engage with the demonic?
  • Who is susceptible to having a demon?
  • How does someone become demonized?
  • How to cast out demons.  
  • How to stay clean.

Because  Scripture does not give a clear, detailed formula of all of the exact  nuances of the deliverance ministry, it is of importance that believers  are taught what the Bible does say about it, but also that the teaching  comes from someone who is very experienced in actually successfully  performing deliverance ministry.
I believe that we should not  "look for a demon under every rock", but we should also not be ignorant  of the enemy's devices.  Every follower of Jesus should be confident and  equipped to effectively deal with the demonic as we come across it.   The methodology in this seminar is taught from a God-focused  perspective, rather than a demon-focused one.  By doing this, it not  only allows you to stay in the love of God, but to experience the joy of  helping the demonically oppressed, rather than shying away from them in  dread.
Many  churches acknowledge the need for this ministry and have certain people  in their congregation or in their community that they send all of their  "tough cases" to that may involve demonization.  But is this really  fair or loving to those precious few brothers and sisters who have taken  the time to learn and become proficient in this aspect of Jesus'  ministry, to always be neck-deep in spiritual warfare?  Deliverance is  not a spiritual gift, it is not even a specific calling to a few, it is  an aspect of the Christian life that Jesus said was a sign that would  follow ALL believers (Mark 16:17).  Let us begin to share the load and  equip the entire Body of Christ to be the dangerous, yet glorious Bride  that she is called to be!
As with all of the Spirit & Truth Schools, there is always an  opportunity for follow-up questions to the ministry as needs arise. 


Healing School 1 - I'm Sick & I Want to Be Healed. Now What?

 Physiological  healing is one of the greatest needs of the Church and the world  today.  With the constant uncovering of what the American Food Industry  is putting into our food sources, as well as an unrelenting onslaught of  television advertisements from pharmaceutical companies to have their  "cures" prescribed to us, the Church is just as sick as the world.  Is  there not a Healer among the people of God?  How can we say that our  Lord is a God "who forgives all of your sins, and heals all of your  diseases", when we have more faith in doctors to heal, than in God's  divine power?  Does your gospel offer the hope of healing?  The Gospel  of Jesus Christ and the early Church did.  Healing is a very  difficult topic, indeed.  There are so many variables and facets of why  sickness and disease occur, as well as why some people get healed and  why some do not.  There is much emotion tied to this topic, as many have  had loved-ones die, and many more have stories of failed attempts to  pray and have faith for healing that have never manifested.  This  seminar is designed to establish the overall survey of God's view of  sickness and what His reaction is to it, and thus what a Christian's  view of it should be.  If we also align ourselves to His views, coupled  with faith, then we will also find that we can and will start to have  similar results to what Jesus and His Disciples had.   The  ultimate goal of this session will be to lead each participant to the  "renewing of the mind" in regards to receiving and ministering healing  from the Lord, and to create the launching pad from which their healing  can occur.  In this seminar, we will allow the Holy Spirit to show each participant  if there are any obstacles that are blocking them from receiving their  healing.  In this seminar you will learn:

  • Is it God's will to heal?  
  • What should a Christian's stance on divine healing be?  
  • The place of modern medicine in the doctrine of healing.  
  • What role does faith play in divine healing.  
  • Sources of sickness and disease.  
  • Your healing within the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  
  • God's provision for Healing within the Communion.  
  • What steps to take towards one's own healing.  
  • How to keep one's healing.  

Throughout  the seminar there may be times (as the Holy Spirit leads) afforded for  praying for those who have any pain, sickness, or infirmities.  Although  attendees will have an action plan to start taking steps towards  receiving their healing, there will be at the conclusion of the final  session, a time for healing ministry. 


Healing School 2 - How to Minister Divine Healing

  Healing School 2 is the continuation of Healing School 1, which is a prerequisite course.    In  this school, we will focus on the equipping of believers to operate in  the ministry of healing, which is a scriptural sign of a follower of  Jesus Christ according to Mark 16:17.  To see any level of  healing, we must start somewhere, and this teaching is to empower you to  step-out, in knowledge and faith, into what is possible for "all who  believe".  In this seminar we will reaffirm:

  • Is it God's will to heal?  
  • What should a Christian's stance on divine healing be?  
  • Sources of sickness and disease.  
  • The place of modern medicine in the doctrine of healing.  
  • God's provision of healing in the Atonement & Communion.  

In this seminar we will learn:

  • How to effectively pray for healing and the "laying on of hands".  
  • The work of faith in ministering healing.  
  • The use of spiritual gifts in ministering healing.  
  • The motivations behind ministering healing.  
  • Healing vs. Deliverance vs. Creative Miracles  
  • The responsibilities of ministering healing.  
  • How to keep one's healing.  

Throughout  the seminar there may be times (as the Holy Spirit leads) afforded for  praying for those who have any pain, sickness, or infirmities.  There  will be at the conclusion of the final session, a time for healing  ministry. 


You Must Be Born Again - True Salvation & Effective, Guilt-Free Evangelism

It has  often been said in the modern Western Church that we lose as many  people out the back door of the church than are coming through the front  door.  The seemingly obvious conclusion that is made is that we need  stronger discipleship and more church programs in order to get new  converts "plugged-in" to a greater extent into our local church  assemblies.  But, this solution requires much in the way of resources  and manpower.  Resources and manpower to which the early, organic,  persecuted Church did not have access.  So, is this really where we  should start putting our focus and resources, or is there something awry  in our foundational understanding of conversion and evangelism?  As  always, the Bible has the answer.   
This teaching came about  through my own personal experiences as an inner-city missionary and the  frustrations that are associated with leading people to the Lord as well  as the issues associated with discipleship and "follow-up".  The basis  of this seminar is to establish the believers understanding of God's  definition of what it means to be "saved".  With a proper biblical  foundation of Salvation and the process of Salvation laid, we are then  able to delve into what is a Christian's responsibility and methodology  of co-laboring with The Lord in this endeavor.  Also, a prime product of  this teaching is that believers will also be challenged to better use  wisdom and discernment when assessing where people are at in their walk  towards or away from The Lord, and speak accordingly.  
Turn your  congregants attitude towards sharing their faith from worked-up,  guilt-driven, evangelism methodologies, to a natural, joyful lifestyle  of outflow of The Good News!  After hearing these messages, one  gentleman exclaimed. "I've been in the Church for 40 years, and that is  the most powerful message that I've ever heard." 


Holy Spirit Home Groups - Seminars Live or Video Conference

 As I  have ministered in different parts of the country, it is absolutely  amazing how many believers I have seen who are so hungry for more of  God, but feel like they cannot find that "something more" in their  respective churches, due to doctrinal rigidity or restraints. Hearing  teaching online is one thing, but having somebody personally to talk to  in order to delve into the tough questions that people have regarding  the issues surrounding the Holy Spirit, is an invaluable resource and  can be the key to breakthrough in stepping into one's next level of  spiritual growth. To accommodate these small enclaves throughout the  nation, we offer the Power From On High Seminar to be taught to home  groups via Skype video conferencing on a laptop or a PC linked to a  television by an HDMI video cable.    The  typical seminar would consist of four, 2-hour sessions; once per week,  for 4 weeks. With these sessions, participants will receive all of the  biblical instruction needed to feel confident to enter into receiving  the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Though some participants may receive it  on their own from the Lord even prior to the end of the seminar, there  is not much that can substitute for the "laying on of hands" of which  the Scriptures teach. Because this is often an integral part of  receiving the B.O.T.H.S., I offer the option of coming to the home group  in question for a fifth week impartation meeting, in order to lay hands  upon all of the participants for the imparting of the B.O.T.H.S.   There  is no costs for the seminar other than to cover the cost of the seminar  workbook ($10). If the group wants to give a love offering at the  conclusion, then it is appreciated, but not necessary. For travel in  Southern California for the impartation night, we would ask that the  group just cover the fuel cost. For travel to other parts of the U.S.,  the group would be required to cover the cost of a single airfare and  hotel for the length of stay.    For any other information, please contact us via the Contact Form. 

Books & Resources


Spirit Muscle - Building Your Spiritual Strength with God's Weight Set - Exposing & Answering the Misconceptions About Speaking in Tongues That Can Keep You Spiritually Weak

"The best book on the subject of tongues that you'll ever read!"


Who Pulled the Plug? - Plugging the Church Back Into the Power of God - Exposing & Answering the Misconceptions About the Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Manifestations That Can Keep You Spiritually Powerless

Work still in process... expected in 2020


DVD SEMINAR: Prayer That Moves Mountains - How to Pray Powerfully & Effectively - The First Step to Partnering With God for Revival

"This is not your typical dry, boring teaching on prayer! 

I went to get a drink and got a fire hose!"

Did you know that EVERY move of God has been preceded by prayer? 

Did you know that revival NEVER happens with out preceding prayer? 

Do you know why?

This powerful seminar will give you a clear understanding of how to perceive God and how we need to see ourselves in approaching Him in prayer. Additionally, the theology, prophetic revelation, and practical guides for successful corporate prayer, will turn every prayer meeting into an effective, powerful time that produces life, faith, and results. 

The Workbook & 4 DVD Sessions are:

  1. Mentality - What We Think About God
  2. Identity - Who We Are In God
  3. Necessity - Why Prayer Is Needed
  4. Delivery -  How We Do It Effectively (Corporately)

This seminar is foundational, inspirational, and challenging for both the young in the faith and the seasoned intercessor, with activations at the end of each session. After a seminar, one pastor stated, "I have been a pastor for over 25 years and there were things covered that I've never heard about prayer before!"

Statement of Beliefs

What We Believe

We  believe the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible, authoritative  Word of the Living God. The Bible is the final authority on all matters  of life, faith and practice. The maxim of interpretation is "Scripture  interprets Scripture."

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three Persons (Tri-une): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We  believe in the deity of Christ, in His Virgin Birth, in His sinless  life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His  shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right  hand of God, and in His personal return in power and glory.

We  believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful humanity, regeneration  by the Holy Spirit is essential, and that repentance from sin and  acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the only way to come  into a relationship with God.

We believe that salvation is an act  of God's saving grace by the work of the Holy Spirit in regenerating  and converting the hearts of men by His free gift of saving faith.

We  believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ, to set up His literal  earthly Kingdom. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and  the lost: they that are saved unto the resurrection of life, and they  that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation -- a literal Hell.

We  believe in the present ministry and manifestation of the Holy Spirit,  by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life; we  further believe His power and gifts are available to believers today,  through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit subsequent to salvation, in order  that they do the works that Jesus commanded all of His followers to do.

We  believe it is important to uphold the scriptural practices of the early  church. Therefore, we hold to the practice of water baptism and the  regular taking of Communion. We do not believe that either of these  practices is essential for salvation, but that they serve as a  demonstration of our living faith in Christ.

We believe that  there is but one Head of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the  responsibility of the church and its institutions to maintain His  Lordship over their activities, and not to submit that right to any  individual, corporate body, governmental agency or head of state.

We  believe that every area of life is to be subject to the Lordship of  Jesus Christ. We adhere to a world and life view which seeks to make the  Lord Jesus Christ preeminent in all things.

We further express  that God the Father is our Creator and our Sustainer in life; that Jesus  Christ the Holy & Only Begotten Son of God is our Redeemer, and we  submit to His Lordship; that the Holy Spirit is One who reveals and  guides us personally and professionally in our ministries & lives;  and that the Holy Bible is the infallible authority in matters of faith  and conduct.

These biblical standards guide us as we apply the  life-giving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our ministry. The  application of these standards of faith and conduct indicates that we  demonstrate a respect for and value of every person as a being created  in the image of God and deserving of His love



Stacy Michael Long - Lead Pastor River House Church - Fayetteville, NC

"In  my former role as National Director for Catch the Fire USA, Jonathan  and I ministered together both nationally and internationally in church,  conference and missionary settings. Jonathan has a powerful teaching  gift that is coupled with an accurate and sensitive prophetic  discernment.   
I’ve  witnessed the personal and corporate breakthroughs that came as a  result of Jonathan’s ministry. If you are hungry for personal or  corporate advancement then I highly recommend Jonathan's teaching and  ministry."

About Us


Jonathan & Jessica Derrick Mathe

The  one word that best describes the heart and focus of their ministry is  FULLNESS.  First and foremost, they are a son & daughter of their  Heavenly Father, lovers of the Holy Spirit, and radical followers of  Jesus Christ.  Their style of ministry is direct, real, transparent,  relatable, and results driven.  Spirit & Truth Schools are the  teaching and equipping outreach of their ministry, Renaissance Roar,  an equipping ministry called to promote revival, reformation, &  awakening that results in long-term, sustainable transformation of  individuals, churches, cities, and nations.

They  have a Jeremiah ministry;  "To root out and to pull down, to destroy  and throw down, to BUILD and to PLANT."  In order to support further,  greater Kingdom growth; proper, strong, and level foundations must be laid.  Many times, if improper foundations exist (unbiblical thinking,  doctrine, experiences) then those foundations must be shaken and removed  in order for the Lord to build a correct foundation and wineskin, in  order to facilitate what He wants to do that is "exceedingly and  abundantly above all that we could ask or imagine".

Jonathan & Jessy reside with their two children, Justus & Josie, in Southern California.


Jonathan Derrick Mathe

 Jonathan  is a Revivalist & Reformer who loves truth, sincerity, and  authenticity.  He is a passionate prophetic teacher & preacher of  the Word. 

He carries a breaker anointing and has a call to awaken, prepare, and  equip God's people to enter into all of the fullness of Salvation and to see Christ fully formed in His Church. His goal is to always take  individuals & churches to their next level by equipping the saints  to do the work of the ministry in power and biblical accuracy, with  effectiveness and results, for the glory of God and the fulfillment of  every Christian's destiny.

As  with his spiritual father & grandfather, his passion is helping to  guide believers into a deeper level of honoring, experiencing, communing  and ministering with the Holy Spirit while maintaining a solid  biblical lifestyle of wisdom, holiness, and faithfulness to the Truth found in the Word of God. 

His desire is to always be on the cutting-edge of what God is saying and doing in the Church in this hour.

Additional Background

Jonathan  was raised in the Church and has a very eclectic church background, at  one-time-or-another being a part of all facets of the Church spectrum.   He has been a part of house-churches, local churches, mega-churches,  revival/renewal churches, and organic churches, as well as church  planting and pastoring. He also has a background in corporate business  and consulting as well as running several businesses of his own. At one  point he left the corporate world to become an inner-city missionary  where he lived among and ministered to the poor and homeless.  While  there, he met his wife, Jessy.

One  highlight of his ministry was when he had the honor (reluctantly at  first) of plowing, preparing, and then leading an outpouring of God  within a youth ministry which then turned into a five-year renewal where  entire unchurched families were saved, backslidden families  recommitted, healings of incurable diseases, miracles, and angelic  visitations, as well as an outpouring of musical/songwriting talents and  abilities which affected the entire church with new life, occurred.

Jonathan  has traveled nationally and internationally ministering the Gospel and  strengthening believers and churches wherever he goes.  He currently  serves as an itinerant minister, conference speaker, author, and  businessman.

In Honor of My Grandfather in the Faith

Harald Bredesen, who was a Lutheran minister who is considered the father of, as well as coining the term, "Charismatic Renewal" in the late 60's and 70's, where millions of main-line denominational Protestants and Catholics came into the Pentecostal experience of the 

Holy Spirit. 

He led both Pat Boone & Pat Robertson into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and was instrumental in helping to start CBN and the 700 Club. Pat Boone wrote, "Abraham... Moses... Gideon... Elijah... I think I've known a  man like these. His name is Harald Bredesen. Miracles trail him wherever  he goes."   

Harald was a precious, humble saint who other than Billy Graham, has ministered the Gospel to more heads-of-state than anyone in the 20th century. Known as a "minister to world leaders", the extent of God working through Harald's life will only be fully realized that Day when we all stand before Jesus.

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